29 Ways To Perpetuate Peace

There are many ways to promote peace. John Lennon sang, “Imagine all the people living life in peace.” John was not the only dreamer. While some people are quick to dismiss peace as a real possibility, many others are not; I among them. Just imagine. No antagonism. No hostility. No war. Imagine mutual harmony in serene, tranquil environs. You don’t need to escape […] Continue reading →

A Letter To My Future Self

Protect your future interests. Many people are afraid of the future because they don’t know what it holds. Fear of the unknown is the greatest of all fears. But think about it for a moment. If we knew the future, what would there be left to look forward to? There is no future in the past. The future can […] Continue reading →

25 Life Observations From A Shoe

What might a shoe think and feel, if it could? You ever notice how many things we take for granted? Like food, clothes and shoes. I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately. I think it’s important because it reminds me to be grateful. I also use creative imagination to see things from other perspectives, even from inanimate objects. Sometimes, for example, I wonder how […] Continue reading →

Witness The Spectacular! Are You Missing Out On This?

We witness only what we are prepared to see. How much of life do we miss out on by not paying attention? How much do we dismiss in an ordinary moment that can suddenly turn as extraordinary as a rainbow making a sudden appearance? Are you witness to the spectacular? Or are you missing out? Blink, and you miss it! How many times have […] Continue reading →

Loyalty: The Lifeblood of Everything

How far can anyone get without loyalty? Loyalty is faithfulness, first to commitments and obligations, then adherence to a cause, a set of principles, or to a person or a group of people. There those who are loyal to their community, those who actively love their neighbor and help others. Loyalty is most often an emotional connection established through relationship. Loyalty is: […] Continue reading →

Anger Management: 10 Ways To Tame Your Temper

Anger robs you of your peace. Anger is a strong feeling, sometimes intense, that arises from a sense of injustice, the displeasure of being wronged, the exasperation of not getting what one feels they deserve. It can range from irritation to being completely incensed. When we are angry, our judgment gets clouded. We do not think objectively or see things clearly. Anger […] Continue reading →

Taboos, Tattoos and Other Labels That Stick

Some things that are taboo need to be talked about. Something that is taboo is deemed by society as totally off limits. Taboo topics are treated as improper, and range from politically incorrect all the way to completely unacceptable. Things that are taboo are considered: banned beyond the pale forbidden frowned upon off limits unthinkable You seldom get a second chance to make a great […] Continue reading →

Decisions! Decisions! 10 Ways To Make Right Decisions

Sometimes we are called upon to make complex and serious decisions. Every day, we make and are asked to make decisions on a wide variety of things. Almost by habit, we don’t need to put much thought into some decisions. Being creatures of habit, we operate by guidelines, principles and rules that we have previously established for ourselves. Proper decisions are essential for the direction your life. But […] Continue reading →

Identity Theft is Epidemic: Are You Getting Ripped Off?

Identity theft is an enormous problem. We live in a world where some people are what you would call less than honest. As a result, we have a widespread problem called identity theft. Identity theft is defined as “a fraud committed or attempted using the identifying information of another person without authority.” Identity theft is now the fastest growing business in […] Continue reading →

Happy Valentine’s Day! 31 Quotes From The Heart

The warmth of Valentine love melts more than a heart. Ah, love is in the air and Valentine’s Day is upon us. And perhaps for a day, hearts will beat more passionately. The Origins of Valentine’s Day Have you ever wondered about the origins of Valentine’s Day? Was there a man named Valentine? Who set this day aside to begin with? The answers to these […] Continue reading →