Shopping and the Corona Virus

The reason for the shopping rush is the corona virus that has killed hundreds of patients worldwide. The virus is highly contagious, and after an outbreak in China, it spread throughout Asia and rapidly spread to all continents.
In our country, this was not the case initially, but in the last few days, infected cases have been confirmed and the number of patients is rapidly increasing. The government is in session, health authorities are in consultation, and it appears that these individuals are not allowed to leave their homes if they are suspected of being infected. As the number of people infected with the coronavirus increases, various facilities (schools, offices, factories, stores) may be closed, and in the event of an epidemic or pandemic, entire regions – villages, towns, even transportation systems – would probably be closed. And this is why people rush to shop. [People buy] not only basic groceries, but also drugstores and other goods. This is why the shelves that not so long ago were abundant with flour, sugar, rice, pasta, toilet paper, disinfectant, detergent, etc., have been empty for the past few days. Sanitary products, too. Ventilators, used by some workers to work in the contaminated environment, have also now disappeared from the sales floor. Of course, interest in fresh produce is high. Therefore, some stores are already empty. But it is not only the Czech Republic that is buying up stores; there are reports from Germany, Slovakia, the UK, and even Australia and the US.
What will happen in the future?
Since the first outbreak of cobid 19 in Europe was in Italy, and most of those who contracted the disease in the Czech Republic were from Italy, the Czech government has ordered a uniform mandatory quarantine for all citizens coming to the Czech Republic from this country. In fact, more than 16,000 Czech tourists who are in Italy for the winter vacations are expected to return home in the coming days and weeks, and all Czechs returning from Italy after March 7 have been instructed by the National Security Committee to immediately inform their medical practitioners by phone, SMS, or e-mail. The National Security Committee has instructed all Czechs returning from Italy after March 7 to report immediately to their general practitioner by phone, SMS, or e-mail. However, personal contact is not permitted. The doctor will order a 14-day quarantine. Those who violate the quarantine face a fine of up to SEK 3 million.

— 21 November 2023