Maybe you just moved to a new city. Maybe you\’ve fallen out with a friend from school. Maybe you are looking for the love of your life. Maybe you are a new mother on maternity leave.What all these cases have in common is that you probably want to meet someone new and have a mutually fulfilling relationship. After a few attempts, however, they may realize that it is not as easy as it first appears.Today, there are already a variety of apps, sites, and dating sites that should make it easier for us to meet, get to know each other, and build new friendships and deeper relationships, but in fact it It is not. At times, they may seem to make the whole process more complicated.

kamarádky při západu slunce

Suppose you find someone interesting, email for a while, and everything goes well. Then you decide to meet them in person. However, when you meet them in person, you feel like you are with someone completely different from the person you met online. Why does this happen? Did you do something wrong? Did the other person do something wrong? Where did you go wrong? Why does it not work in real life when it worked in the virtual world?

The answer is that virtual world. It is all too easy to create the identity you want. As long as no one is really watching you, you can be whoever you want in the safety of your virtual profile. For many people, it is so tempting that they end up doing it. They show themselves not as they are, but as they wish to be, and think that if they do so, they will easily win friends and love.And let\’s be honest, have you ever done this yourself? A little less here, a little more there, a little tweaking of reality.

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Unfortunately, it always comes up when you meet in person, either early or late. So if you are dating online, keep this in mind. Don\’t pretend to be someone else; it will prevent unnecessary disappointment. And on the other hand, take everything they say about themselves with a grain of salt. It may or may not be true. Check it out with well-vetted questions before you actually meet, and if in doubt, just say it out loud. They will either hold their nose and admit the truth or rather stop communicating with you. Either way, you will know where you really stand.

Then. Do you want to date online or do you prefer the classics?


— 8 November 2023