First, let me explain what social networks are. In short, they are Internet services that allow almost anyone to create a profile and through that profile communicate and share information, photos, videos, etc. with another person who has a profile on the same social network.
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The most used networks are






A person who has gained significant A person who gains influence can earn a good amount of money. 52]

But what does it mean to gain significant influence? In this case, I would venture to say that if you have more than 100,000 followers on your profile (i.e., you follow influencers regularly), you can earn a monthly income equivalent to the rent of three decent apartments in the center of Prague, on average, of course. That\’s an average amount, of course. It definitely depends on activities that sacrifice social life.
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Historically speaking, that is, in the span of seven years in this case, most of today\’s famous influencers started on YouTube. They uploaded all kinds of videos there and tried to be as original as possible. All they had to do was make the strangest video possible to attract as many people as possible, mostly children.

Some of them started at an early age, so they had no idea what was going on in the world and were very limited in how they could express themselves. Also, their ideas were quite distorted.Interestingly, even these people are still quite influential today, although they have given up their profession, either by not being very active on YouTube or by deleting their channels and leaving almost nothing behind.

Some have gained attention thanks to so-called skits, which are videos consisting of several scenes designed to entertain the general public. In what way? For example, the catchphrases of their parents, their typical behavior at school, the way Czechs behave while on vacation, etc.

Then there are YouTube artists who have become famous for singing, playing instruments, or even drawing. Popularity on YouTube was the first step to becoming an influencer


— 24 October 2023