The truth is, for example, that few people have enjoyed chemistry in school. Who, yes, continued to study this science and, after entering the university, was somewhere in the place where he worked directly on the site. This is called happiness when it becomes a hobby. But we can not talk only about chemistry, of course, there are more such areas. Math, optics, physics and many more. They have to work in each, and the best specialists also work, because those who do not understand this will not be caught here.  


These people bring us invaluable results in their work. I don\’t know what their rating is, but I don\’t think it\’s going to be anywhere near street sweeper level. Although this is still necessary work.  

The results of scientific research could be new drugs, batteries with longer battery life, or perhaps new ones in food. All of thiswill one day be discovered by a scientific teamafter years of research and exploration. We don\’t know exactly how much Mr. Edison has exhausted the filament of the bulb before we understand which one is right. He said 2,000. Science must also be tested. And these tests, or if you test, can last for years before the discovery is safely released to humanity.  

část laboratoře

This is not observed in all areas. Yes, even the dark side of science stretches its claws, and every discovery is immediately examined to see if it can be used for war purposes. Yes, a man is like that. When they discover an atom, there are people who immediately use it for the wrong purposeand end up using a bomb. We want to be precise, but I think the first thing that was actually used against people in Hiroshima was plutonium.  

But let us stay away from these ugly things and cheerfully look forward, science certainly still gives us more discoveries in all possible areas of what is known and what is not known, what is needed and what is less. Surely we will all enjoy new discoveries intended for ordinary people. Let\’s hope for the health and research progress of scientists. 

— 18 October 2023