If you\’re tired of playing on the computer or exercising, try something new. We\’ve chosen three different activities that will keep you entertained, sweaty, and even more entertained. Whether you are a boy or a girl, a family or a group of friends. Try at least one, two, or all of them. You won\’t get bored with any of them.
extrémní sport.jpg

Virtual Reality
If you\’ve heard about virtual reality and are excited about it, but don\’t have the budget to get a virtual reality device, maybe we can make you happy.
The number of companies offering virtual reality experiences is growing all over the country. Type in a major city near your home into a search engine and see if you can find a company that offers this type of experience. You will probably find many. Then book a date and you\’re off to another world.

Laser Games .
Invite your friends and try your hand at the laser game. In a dark enclosed arena or an outdoor arena, shoot each other with your friends with the laser that you get upon entry. Whoever collects the most points wins. Another type of laser game requires you to conquer the opposing team\’s base.
Remember to wear black or dark, invisible clothing so that you can camouflage yourself as much as possible. Laser games can be tried in Prague but can also be found in other cities in the Czech Republic.
hráči paintballu.jpg

Paintball [24].
For those who like to play with soldiers or prefer an activity that takes place outdoors and is a bit more realistic than the two above, paintball is the way to go. Paintball is still an inter-team game in which teams shoot at each other, in this case with colored balls. The object of the game might be to win the opposing team\’s flag, for example. All take place outdoors in a space with woods, houses, bunkers and holes. To blend in more naturally, it is recommended that camouflage clothing be worn to the games.

— 11 October 2023