Bidetis a very practical element in the home. There is no reason why such toilet and bathroom equipment should not be used on a daily basis. Bidets can now be purchased as complete equipment as well as as simplebidet sheets. Toilets with built-in bidetsand toilets with various functions are also available on the market. These include:
ü Washing method
ü Water temperature
ü A variety of other functions
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Stand-alone bidet can be a standing bidet
orwhich can be adjusted in height and can be a floor bidetwhich has a fixed height and needs to be wiped on the floor. However, there is already a toilet with a shower or bidet sheet. The latter is especially convenient in a house where there is not enough space for another bidet.

Bidet sheet

This practical sheet combines the advantages of a bidet. In addition, it saves space and usually offers more features than a classic bidet with a faucet. If you decide to purchase a bidet seat a very careful considerationshould be given to the correct type of bidet seat in relation to the toilet bowl already placed. Not all types are compatible with other toilet bowls. It is not the appearance that matters, but the comfort in particular.
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Basic equipment of bidet sheets
All types of bidet sheets are equipped with
üBasic functions of the nozzle shower. Then put it on a plastic hanger. Often, the sheet is added a touch control from the module, which is fixed to the side of the bidet sheet.
ü In addition, functional self-cleaningis a common feature of almost all bidet sheets. This self-cleaning provides cleaning of both the nozzle and the hanger itself.
ü Sheet drying is also standard.
ü More expensive types of bidet sheets also includevibrating massage showersand many other features for perfect intimate hygiene.

— 4 October 2023