7 Directions To Keep You On Purpose

Loving kindness spreads in every direction. DIRECTION is a line of thought or action. It is a tendency toward a particular place or purpose. In a couple of recent posts have been about mystery and mastery, discovering and connecting to your purpose. DIRECTION and purpose are inseparably connected. More important than knowing where you are, is knowing where you are going. Of course, […] Continue reading →

Spiritual Complacency: The War Within

Spiritual complacency can displace humility in favor of ego. It is of prime importance to look after ourselves, for if we neglect to do this, we can easily slip into SPIRITUAL COMPLACENCY. All of a sudden, things that once mattered to us mean very little. You have been designed for GREATNESS, so why should you settle for mediocrity, for being second-rate, for less than […] Continue reading →

Purposeful Living: Mystery to Mastery

Live according to your purpose. Purposeful Living is continued from the previous post. I think it’s pretty amazing, considering that we have this gift of life, that anyone should choose to not live on purpose, although many are not consciously aware of making this choice. 16th-century philosopher Michel de Montaigne said, “The great and glorious masterpiece of man is to […] Continue reading →

Mystery To Mastery: Finding Your Purpose

Life is a beautiful mystery. MYSTERY is simply the great unknown. Rather than embracing it, many people fear it. According to Merriam-Webster, the first way to define mystery is a religious truth that one can know only by revelation and cannot fully understand. Secondly, they define it as an enigma; something not understood or beyond understanding. MYSTERY always presents you […] Continue reading →

Did You Have A Hand In Any Of This?

There are many uses for the hand. A HAND is more than just an appendage. Like many other body parts like eyes, ears, nostrils, legs and lungs, the HAND is something most people have two of, but can easily be taken for granted. The Hand Resembles The Heart … whenever you: clap and cheer on give help hold pray reach out support […] Continue reading →

7 Ways To Always Be Positive

7 Ways To Always Be Positive When you hear the word POSITIVE, you may think of: inspirational affirmations making a real difference in the world positive thinking positive psychology uplifting words However, if you’re the kind of person who is prone to negative thinking, it’s easy to let your guard down, and get sucked into a vortex of negativity. Many people […] Continue reading →

7 Ways To Live An Authentic Life

7 Ways To Live An Authentic Life Authentic is the genuine article, the real deal, is bona fide. You’ve probably noticed that articles that bear authenticity have more value than those that are a replica. “If this had been a real _____, it would be worth much more.” Bank tellers handle so much real money that they can usually detect a fake […] Continue reading →

7 Ways To Beat Procrastination

Procrastination is a bad habit. PROCRASTINATION holds many people back from living a truly fulfilled life. That’s simply because PROCRASTINATION has never accomplished anything. Don Marquis said that procrastination is “the art of keeping up with yesterday.” When I was a young man in the military, I quickly learned that PROCRASTINATION is unacceptable behavior. You cannot be given an order […] Continue reading →

What Is Really Worthwhile?

Love always makes life worthwhile. Deciding what is WORTHWHILE is a very subjective thing because it is based upon your values. To ask… What Is Really Worthwhile? … is to ask yourself… What do I hold as most important? One might think WORTHWHILE means whatever is: MOST MEANINGFUL MOST MERITORIOUS ULTIMATELY USEFUL … or whatever YIELDS the: BIGGEST BLESSINGS GREATEST […] Continue reading →

The Joy of Reading and How To Speed Read

Learn all you can from books. To READ is to comprehend. One sense of the word means to understand a person’s character, but today I am focusing on the reading of written words. Writers write for all the same reasons that readers read… : to impact and be impacted to impress and be impressed to influence and be influenced to inform […] Continue reading →