Currently, checking accounts at banking institutions are very diverse. In this case, however, you should be aware of whether there are conditions to make the account free– in many cases, this is determined by the minimum deposit amount (e.g., the monthly deposit must be 15,000 CZK, otherwise a fee will be charged). Also note thatfeescanbe quite high. I would definitely choose an account with no conditions and no maintenance fee. Because with this account, even if there is no money in the account, I can be sure that there is nothing extra. [Internet banking (19), telephone banking (21), and branches (23) make it easy to manage my account. I think it is best to handle everything (that can be done) through internet banking. Having worked in customer service at a bank, I can imagine the various requests that could be easily handled by customers via the Internet. Something else is older people, but young people have a huge advantage in this regard.

Are invoices and all payments made in cash or via account?

It is definitely best to pay through a bank account, i.e. through an online bank. Why? Additionally, you can create payment templates or set up standing ordersordirect debits. If you have the same payment each month, we recommend using standing orders. By mail? This does not seem to be a good method these days. If you pay by direct debit, you will pay quite a bit more and there is usually quite a line to get to the counter. The same goes for going to a bank branch, which I don\’t think is necessary unless there is something special going on. Everything can be easily resolved over the Internet or by phone.
letící peníze
I would definitely recommend having a checking account. Your money is safe and there are cards that allow you to pay with your account. Many accounts have no fees. Plus, you don\’t have to pay any fees for payments. You just need to think about which bank you want to set up your account with. These days you can\’t function properly without a checking account. I myself realize the need for an account. A friend of mine does not have a checking account and everything gets complicated very quickly. How much easier it would be to have a checking account. A checking account is simply a better option.

— 14 October 2022