In general, it is well known that women have bigger problems with shopping. Now that clothes are available at really low prices, more and more women are having problems with their wardrobes. Here are some tips to help you avoid this as much as possible.

žena + tašky

Buy only what you really need

Avoid haphazard shopping as much as possible. Don\’t go to the store with clothes or accessories if you are not looking for something in particular. By doing this, you will avoid making unnecessary purchases in a hurry just because that item is at a good price. Also watch out for unnecessary items on sale. Avoid online shopping as well. Also, since people often shop when they are bored, such as at work, try to entertain yourself in other ways, such as reading interesting articles or improving your foreign language skills.

Discuss often

Organize your closet each month and set aside what you don\’t wear. If you don\’t use it by the next month, throw it away or sell it. Emptying your closet will make you feel better, and selling it will increase your budget.

Calculate extra money

Subtract necessary expenses from your salary and invest the remaining amount in something beneficial – gym, massage, beauty salon, experience, etc. Try putting some money in a savings account, and if the amount is large enough, you can use the money to go on a trip or buy a new TV.

Don\’t shop around for distractions

Many women shop when they are nervous or upset about something. Think of other ways to relieve tension, go for a walk, work out, or read a great book. The urge to go shopping will quickly pass with the new activity and you will be more motivated.

nákupy + žena

Reward yourself

Now that you have more room in your closet, reward yourself with a small gift. Set a date for a no-regrets shopping spree. Don\’t be afraid to buy something expensive, and at least once a month, treat yourself to a new item in your wardrobe. But be careful not to overdo anything, because too much of anything is bad for you.

— 19 August 2022