differs from the classic ancient pentathlon (long jump, javelin, discus, running, and wrestling) that was competed in the ancient Olympic Games because it combines several“modern” disciplines. This sport combines both technical and physical disciplinesand was once one of the basic requirements for soldiers. Thus,
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the modern pentathlonincludes five disciplines: sabre fencing, swimming, horseback riding, and a combination of shooting and running, which in 2009 replaced cross country running and air pistol shooting, which were conducted as two different disciplines two different disciplines.
Fencingconsists of two parts, the first partbeing the so-called basic round, in which one-shot “one-on-one” matches take place. This is followedby the so-called bonus round, in which competitors are entered according to their ranking in the basic round. 22]In swimming, competitors must swim the200-meter freestyleaccording to FINA rules. Relay races may also be held, in which case the competitors swim 2 x 100m.

Equestrian includes parkour jumping. Horses will be provided by the organizers and competitors will be able to choose their horses by lot drawing and familiarize themselves with them 20 minutes before the start of the competition. Points are deducted for mistakes or exceeding the time limit.

Combined Part: Shooting + Runningcombines two disciplines: shootingwith laser pistol and running. The total length of the course is 3200 metersand is divided into four 8-meter sections, before each section, competitors shoot at targets 10 meters away.

Results for each event are evaluated and totaled according to a scoring table. The most successful competitor is David Svoboda, who won the gold medal at the 2012 London Olympics,while the most successful competitor in the pentathlon is the Czech athlete,who won the gold medal at the 2012 London Olympics. Other Czech pentathletes includeOndřej Polivka and Natalie Dianová. Other world-renowned athletes include Alexander Lesn of Russia, winner of last year\’s Rio Olympics, and Timoshenko of Ukraine.

— 12 September 2022