Some people don\’t care, others only want brand-name products. But are they really paying for such goods? Everyone probably knows the principles of safe shopping. We don\’t need to know them anymore. Why? Because one Chinese company has made a breakthrough innovation.
micro-chip do počítače

New labels

Yes, there is another problem for counterfeiters. For the ordinary buyer, it is a big advantage. All branded products, and later even ordinary products, may in the future be given a new label. It looks like a strip of transparent material, but there is an RFID chip hidden inside. I won\’t get into the technical details here, but for the layman, it is enough to know that RFID uses radio frequencies to identify products. The chip has a rewritable memory that changes with each scan. In this respect, I personally find it quite disadvantageous and open to counterfeiters. But I could be wrong.

How it actually works

A customer enters a store and attaches a smartphone to a label on an item. Then, within two to three seconds, it displays whether or not the product really is what it says it is. The directions to the store should also be displayed. In fact, it would show information about the manufacturer, when the product left the line, and most importantly, when and where the product made it to the state, by sea or by air.
procesor deska

Marili\’s Technique

You are probably wondering what an RFIF chip is. Its name comes from the acronymRadio Frequency Identificationradio frequency identification. It is just another and another generation of identifiers designed to identify goods, built on top of the somewhat outdated bar code system.

The music of the future?

In China, this product has been very successful. Whether this product will be widely known by the manufacturer remains to be seen in the future, but the manufacturer has already received orders, and they are growing at an even more impressive rate. It would be a shame, however, to be tied to smartphones any longer. But that is a tax on convenience. Whether this product will be accepted by buyers remains to be seen. We look forward to seeing what the future holds.

— 4 October 2022