Today, it is no longer surprising that we move our vehicles from place to place in darkness, fog, and other adverse conditions. On side streets where traffic is heavier and less crowded, there is often the danger of collisions with wildlife and other problems caused by less than ideal road conditions. Not to mention what pedestrians and other drivers, sometimes under the influence of alcohol or drugs, will do for “dog pieces.”
noční provoz dálnice
We should do everything possible to help these very ordinary drivers arrive at their destinations unscathed. And if there is one thing that is absolutely necessary when visibility is poor, it is headlights that show drivers everything that could put them in danger and, in turn, let all other road users know that the car is there and moving.
To be sure, there are already many types, brands, and price ranges of automotive light bulbs on the market in this country, but many of those on sale certainly are not.
This is because much of what is sold in this country is nothing more than cheap, inferior copies of automotive light bulbs. They may glow, but they don\’t last long. And drivers who decide to buy these for their tin darlings, with an eye to saving a few crowns, will cry not once, but many times.
Drivers who have – as they say – under their hats have long known that it is definitely in their best interest to bet on the quality of reputable brands in this regard. This is because, although these are expensive, they are far more durable than shoddy junk, and are obviously certainly cheaper than the consequences of an accident caused solely by the fact that the driver saw something too late to do anything about it.
porsche v dešti

There are enough quality light bulbs on the market today that everyone has a choice. And if you choose correctly, you can see the road well, not be obscured from others, and get to your destination with the people you plan to meet at your destination.
However, in today\’s traffic conditions, this is not possible. One only has to watch the TV news or read between the lines of The Chronicle to see that.
Because accidents are no longer something that anyone sensationalizes. It is a common, everyday event that no one gets excited about.
And who would want to be in the shoes of those who crashed? Whether it was the metal plate that caused it or the \’crows\’ that had to be called.

— 21 April 2021