. This is commonplace in the virtual world and probably comes as no surprise to anyone. In fact, when playing a game, such as on a video game console connected to an LCD monitor, one is completely immersed in the environment, if not interested in what is happening around him or her.
helma na motorku
Decades ago, in order to fully immerse themselves in the virtual game room environment, some gamers would begin their “game” production in the evening, always after dark. This was probably inspired by creators who developed special helmets and goggles that allowed them to fully immerse themselves in the game and not have their senses disturbed by the surrounding influences.
3d obrázek

Gaming is now often an adrenaline-pumping pastime that further drives already stressed people, especially youth, in the same direction. Gaming addiction is not an isolated case; such victims often lose their judgment and control over their real lives. Something similar happened to a young man in a Moscow apartment who jumped into the virtual world wearing a gaming helmet. He apparently did not know where he was and collided with a glass coffee table. As a result, the man cut himself badly and bled to death. He was not helped by his roommate, who immediately called an ambulance, and by the time the ambulance arrived on the scene, it was too late.
virtuální svět

Virtual reality inside the helmet is completely disconnected from the real world

It is quite logical that such devices should be used in a safe environment and where there is no risk of injury, but it is not so easy to comply. Anyone who has tried something like this will find that they completely lose track of time and space. It is not so easy to do harm when the room is padded with Styrofoam, devoid of furniture, sharp corners, or even the slightest obstacle.

— 23 May 2021