To get a mortgage today, you don\’t have to go far. If we decide to build our own house, it is enough to save on your own construction costs. Within the portfolio of banks, obtaining a mortgage is provided by default.
But the stumbling block lies in getting it. To get a bank mortgage, you need to meet several conditions.
*Two-year construction savings
*Property to mortgage
*Proof of stable income
*Not held as debtor
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Therefore, getting a mortgageis clearly not for everyone. We need to save regularly within the framework of building savings. Have property that pledges or certifies a stable income. The value of the property is estimated by the bank itself. So we will not get a loan with a value of 100%. Now we need to calculate.
The last basic step should not be guided as a debtor. If problems with repayment are detected, any bank will immediately take their hands off the client.
When we get into such a situation, the possibility of getting a loan for a dream house is closed to us. Then we have the opportunity to get only non-bank loans. In most cases, interest rates are ridiculously high and almost resemble usury.
But one type of loan gives a chance for success. That\’sAmerican mortgages. Since there is no access to the debtor\’s register, you have a chance to succeed and the debtor.
In addition, it provides the possibility of gradual repayment. This in part brings the benefits of a mortgage that we can repay it for up to a few decades.
For each loan, you can set the type of installment payment. We can choose between a solid fixation. It can provide stable repayment for up to 3 years, unaffected by inflation and deflation.
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Under deferred payments, we can settle our obligations first and then pay off the bulk of the debt.
When it comes to borrowing money, it is important to first compare whether you really need a loan. If so, we need to be prepared for the fact that we regularly repay for several years in a row.

— 15 December 2023