If you want to do business but don\’t like the idea of sitting in the office for hours at the same time, you have an option: Simply put, it is the interconnection of the websites of different companies with the pages of certain sellers (which can be both products and services). The main goal is the offer, and any promoter of the product or service will be given a commission. Sometimes affiliate marketing is also referred to as a “beach business”. But even this way of doing business requires resilience, a willingness to learn, a willingness to withstand stress and overcome obstacles.
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New type of business

The basis is a partnership, a union of those who have a given product or provide a given service and those who advertise. Affiliate programs have registered bidders who link to the seller to lead future buyers.
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Here is an example.

The following example is useful as a simple example. I will advertise the service, for example Massage, who will read your blog assigned an ID that will lead to my website to register for my program and list in your blog and come to me for a massage, you will receive a commission from this transaction.
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And how did it all happen?

Previously, profit sharing was a common phenomenon, and affiliate marketing began to grow in the late 1990s (W.J.It is also known as “Tobin”, which means “Tobin” in Japanese. A few years later, this form of e-commerce expanded and so-called affiliate marketing saw the light of the day. Books, music, clothing, footwear, cosmetics and services began to be sold.


The obvious advantage of the affiliate is the low cost of advertising, the latter is used only for the purpose of attracting new clients. For marketers, this method of marketing has the advantage of spending only money on what is being done, thus saving unnecessary costs for uncertainty or effect.

— 26 December 2023