Yes, that\’s right. We pursue everything possible, without necessarily needing it and somehow escape from the rest of life around us. It is unfortunately a casualty of modern civilization. And it strikes us, sometimes in very cruel ways.

Mobile phones are indeed a part of information technology, and almost everyone has one. Or rather, I personally don\’t know anyone who doesn\’t have one. I have even met a few homeless people who have cell phones. Maybe they stole it from somewhere and just have it to sell. However, one of my homeless friends uses a cell phone on a regular basis and says most people do. However, they often wear small, unobtrusive badges instead of huge badges.

Now, without getting bogged down in this, back to the taxes that civilization pays, maybe just cell phones


You have probably heard of car accidents caused by drivers talking on their phones while driving. Everyone thinks he or she is a man who can use a cell phone while driving and knows how to do so. And after an accident happens, it is too late to correct that self-image.

But you can\’t swear by cell phones. Although I am certain that in such a case the survivor would not be able to conjure up the name of the cell phone. Few people realize, however, that it is not the cell phone\’s fault that this happens, but the fault of the pompous person who thought he or she was the only person

where such a thing could not happen. But

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information technology is in more devices than just cell phones. It is in our homes and will be in the future. The time is definitely approaching when each of us will have a so-called smart home, controlled by voice. Don\’t laugh. Some cell phones already control things like heating and washing machines on a daily basis. We don\’t know if it is voice-activated or not, but it is possible.

We are in revolutionary times and revolutionary new inventions and discoveries. We will see in what direction it takes us. Perhaps our lives will become even more comfortable and we will be able to live in a more comfortable world.

— 4 January 2024