Burglars are becoming increasingly resourceful. I am not referring to thosewho take advantage of your absence and come to ransack your apartment. These people, on the contrary, include those who welcome the presence of apartment dwellers and offer them some very useful service or absolutely necessary item. This probably applies to the more trusting elderly. And what are we trying to say to ourselves, they are still being warned, and often to little avail. So how can we prevent potential damage?
bezpečnostní kamera
– In the case of a classic home burglary, it\’s probably easy.
– You could strengthen the security of the apartment and prevent the burglars from breaking in.
– But if you want to always know who has their finger on the doorbell, you have to choose a different strategy.
– It\’s not complicated.

– If you choose a modern videophone, you can control your apartment at any time.

If you have a smart phone, you can instantly project the person who rings the doorbell. It can also take three pictures of the invited guests. With this app, you will always know who is knocking on the door.

Interesting snapshots

This system is also useful when you are out in the yard or invited to a barbecue at a neighbor\’s house. And there is another advantage to this system.
– If you see an unwelcome guest on the phone, you can pretend they are not at home and enjoy the moment captured by the videophone.
– Truly hilarious pictures are often taken of people who are unaware that they are being watched.
bezpečnostní dveře
A good home videophone can be used day or night. Thanks to LED lighting, it can be viewed at any time of day, in any weather. Installation is so simple and operation so easy that even a complete novice can handle it.

— 7 May 2022