Who wouldn\’t want to save the bees and butterflies that are disappearing from the Czech meadows and groves? Any small garden owner can do it. Insect diversity is declining worldwide. Why is this? It is due to human tampering with nature\’s wires, such as air pollution, environmental contamination, and the constant spraying of pesticides, but in the long run, they can compliment us. Thus insects are increasingly deprived of a place where they can exist without constant extermination. And the garden can be just such a sanctuary. So there is no need to do anything. Nature will do it on its own, and you just have to be lazy.
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Long grass and flowers

Exactly, you don\’t have to do anything at all. Of course, you wouldn\’t leave the whole garden “out in the wild,” but if you are in a marginal or strip area, for example, it doesn\’t have to look bad. Simply leaving it uncut for a few months will attract a surprisingly large number of plants and animals. Even if nothing is planted, flowers will bloom naturally. You may be able to multiply a little with the seeds you sow, but why bother with something that doesn\’t need care? But remember that anything can grow there, because it is really unregulated growth.
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The biggest problem would be to not cut it down

Long grass brings with it many problems, including an increased incidence of ticks. But that\’s not a new thing, and if you live by or on the edge of a field, it doesn\’t matter what you do, because the ticks will still show up in your yard. But of course, that bowfin look doesn\’t suit everyone, and not everyone likes it. Even if you don\’t want to raise wildlife in your backyard, if you want to protect bees and butterflies, don\’t use any pesticides or toxic substances in your garden. And you may get the same effect. After all, a healthy lawn doesn\’t need much care. 18]
Don\’t forget to include something like this in your yard.

— 8 May 2022