Our relatively small country has given birth to many important scientific figures, both living and deceased. [For example, Professor Antonin Hollywas one of them, who discovered several antiviral drugs that have helped people around the world. These include drugs against HIV, hepatitis B, and herpes. As you probably know, AIDS is still not completely cured, but Professor Holly\’s discoveries have prolonged the lives of several people infected with the virus.
Lidské buňky
Next we have Otto Wichterle,who invented contact lenses. [He invented contact lenses. The first lenses were not wearable. Moreover, he did not get along well with the communist regime, so he had to move his production base to his home, where he had to assemble a lens-making machine from a Merkur metal kit. If he had not ultimately succeeded, you probably would not be reading about him now. In just one year he produced over 5,000 wearable and soft lenses.
Scientist Stanislav Brevera is considered the father of SEMTEX explosives. He has been implicated in various acts of terrorism, but that is as far as the Czech trace goes. Its name comes from the street in Pardubice and the name of the company for which it was made.
ChemistJaroslav Heyrovskýwas a Nobel laureate in polarography. Polarography is an analytical chemistry technique that measures what substances are present in a solution. For example, it is useful for measuring the amount of toxic substances in water. 20]In 2013,Professor Zilsak
and his team discovered a way to make nonwoven fabrics from nanofibers. The importance of this discovery is not surprising, as many say that nanofibers are the material of the future. The application itself sounds complicated, but the opposite is true: it simply simplifies the entire process.
DNA řetězec
Augustin Žáček was the first to explain the principle of the magnetron. A magnetron is a small object that can convert electrical energy into microwave radiation. As you can imagine, magnetrons have come a long way since World War II as part of the radar of airplanes and submarines, but today everyone thinks of the indispensable microwave.
Thus, the Czech Republic has left its mark on the homes of millions of people around the world, something that is hard to imagine from the celebrities who have left their Czech footprints on the world.

— 9 May 2022