Bragging all over the place about the news that your child is crazy about you. All you hear out of your child\’s mouth are good stories and positive qualities about your child\’s partner. And of course, as a parent, I am proud that my child (despite these complicated times) has found the kind of man that was probably sent from heaven. But after your first encounter with his love, your euphoria wanes and you literally become infatuated with his counterpart.
This is a scenario that plagues many parents who do not acknowledge their children\’s partners at all.
srdce z rukou

Do you approve or rather deny it?19]

The question is to what extent your view and attitude toward your child\’s partner affects the child himself. If he is head over heels in love, you will do little to persuade him that his love is pure evil. What cannot be avoided, however, is the situation of meeting together in one\’s own home.
What if you just can\’t stand the love of a child?
– You can gently hint at what actually bothers you about the person, what makes them callous, what you suspect is not the best choice for them.
– or you can,silently observe what you may not like, of course. If you don\’t make a mistake, your child may even figure it out right away.
objímání zamilovaných

What kind of partner do you envision for your child?

If you have girls at home, the choice becomes a little more difficult. You can\’t just send your daughter to any man who is not at all good for her. He must, of course, have a decent education, a steady job, some means of providing for his daughter, and, of course, a sense of pleasing you as much as possible.And finally, he must be serious about your daughter!
For men it\’s a little easier. This is because we always worry less about our son and we know that our son is a man who, as a rule, will not be frustrated by a breakup, but will get up and move on. If your son can find a girl who will be at least half the “girl who can be anything,” he will definitely be in good hands. Both him and her.
Give your offspring a chance to try out a relationship with someone who is hard to pin down.It\’s their life, their partner choice, their choice, so if things don\’t work out, they need to deal with it themselves and simply learn from their mistakes next time. Also, they cannot know ahead of time who is the right person for their child.

— 21 July 2021