I remember being in a bad company. That was when I was 19. I met a guy who was studying for a year. I was in college. And I must say that the man in question absolutely fascinated me with love at first sight. And it also turned out that a few weeks later we got together and formed a couple. And I must say, we had a very good time together. We loved each other and did everything together. And it turned out that he wanted to introduce me to his parents and the whole family. You can\’t imagine how happy I was that my friend said it.

Někdy je společnost příjemná.

Well, just tell yourself. What girl does not want to be introduced to her love parents? I think probably all women. I was very happy and looking forward to that fateful day. And it happened. I came to his family. And I have to say, I kind of regretted it after that. I have not been in the company of such people for a long time. I\’m not the one to blame people right away, but this company was not suitable for me at all.

Někdy jsem ráda sama.

They could not stand it because they were stupid people who had such a mess at home. I\’m not used to this kind of behavior. I think people were really arrogant and did not want me in the family. So, even if you find love, it is not clear that his family will accept you. It really depends on what kind of society you are in. I want everyone to be in the kind of society he deserves and in the kind of society where he feels good. And I told myself that even if I love my boyfriend, I don\’t want to be with his family. I don\’t want to experience any more humiliation. I don\’t know why these people told me all these things when they didn\’t know me at all. But I will see in time. Maybe his family will be better with me. But I don\’t really believe it. There is nothing they say, different countries, different manners. But the fact that they behave as if I graze geese with them, I do not welcome such behavior at all.

— 23 July 2021