Building a house is not so easy for people today. Without funds, nothing can be built. That has been obvious before, but it is even more obvious now. Without money, you cannot even build a house. That\’s right. That\’s why people today don\’t even have time to do anything. Without money they cannot buy anything, they cannot even live, because tribute always has to be worked for.

patrový dům

Well, one has to work for money, otherwise one cannot build a house. But nowadays, building such a house costs a tremendous amount of money and requires great determination. But if one is determined, one has won.

bungalovThe second step is the choice of what to build. It requires the services of an architect, but he does not build the house; he gives you a kind of pattern for building the house. Should it be a two-story house or a bungalow? That\’s the question.


Everyone likes different things, but in this case it\’s not about what you like, but unfortunately what you don\’t like. A bungalow, for example, can heat the entire house if there is a ventilation opening, because in a bungalow the heat does not reach the outermost rooms. On the other hand, bungalows are wheelchair accessible, making them friendly to the elderly. Logically, however, bungalows can accommodate more luggage, have more overall space, and have more storage space needed. It also gives them more options, and since building this house would not take up as much space on the property, they could use the rest for a garden.

— 10 August 2021