At a certain age, at a certain stage of development, we need to abandon old habits and create forces that help us with new habits, practices, rituals and processes, in order to create new and better energy fields that get rid of too old habits, bad thinking patterns, fears and suppression. There is. Five Tibetans will help you with all this.
cvičení pilates
This exercise is more than just doing exercises. It is a ritual that has a very valuable content, has a clear and beautiful goal, and finally forgot to say something important, but with incredible spiritual value. If you now imagine some dizzying and difficult exercises that you can\’t physically handle, then you don\’t have to worry, because that\’s not the case.

As the name of the set of exercises suggests, these are 5 exercises, each of which has its own spiritual content. The spiritual quality of a given exercise depends on the posture of a given exercise, that is, how well we perform our rituals and how the exercise looks from us.These qualities correspond to the energy laws that have formed the basis of energy work for thousands of years. But as we know, we should learn from history and not repeat it, so we will not stick to what we were.
tělo muže
Doing exercise helps us heal our feelings and thought patterns. With these exercises, we strengthen not only the body, but also the soul. Through exercise, we want to convey, express, change and achieve something. When the need for change arises within us, whether it is an improvement in physical condition or mental balance, we can always express our inner feelings through these 5 great exercises.
If we also know that energy is needed for any change, you can draw it from these rituals. Take this exercise as an exploration of your inner private world. You can find lost balance, forgotten strength, what you want to find and intuitively feel that it is inside you.
The path to the source of one\’s inner strength and energy is opened precisely through the practice of this ritual. Thanks to this exercise our body is ready to receive new energy, develop physical strength and, as a result, get psychological energy. Step by step, you will again learn to listen to your inner energy, to reveal and purify the past, thereby improving the present, and, most importantly, to reveal your true beautiful self and its inner strength.

Each of us can be a perfect being.


— 12 September 2021