Flax was one of the first plants to be used in the production of yarn, and then textiles. It is a tall reed-like plant with blue flowers and long fibers. When soaked in water, it can be easily twisted into yarn, which is used to make cloth and clothing.
Because of linen\’s excellent properties, it is once again used for clothing. And linen has gained many admirers and has become part of modern society.
luční kytičky

Advantages of Linen Fabrics

1. Durability
Linen fiber is much more durable than cotton fiber. The strength of this fiber naturally guarantees the strength of the garment itself. The shape of the fiber does not change when immersed in water, but rather becomes more pleasant to the touch. To maintain this property, the fabric must be properly cared for. When washing, it must be set on a program for delicate linens, without bleach, and not wrung out. They can be dried in a dryer, but it is best to dry them naturally.
2. Easy to care for
One of the great advantages of linen is that it is naturally wavy. In fact, that is what makes linen so beautiful, and flattening it loses some of its charm. Therefore, there is no need to iron it.
rozkvetlý len
3. Breathability
Another great feature is its wonderful breathability. This allows air to move in and out and releases moisture quickly. A humid environment is a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and microorganisms that can cause allergic reactions and skin irritation. While this fabric is not completely anti-allergenic, it is definitely a good choice for allergy sufferers.
4. Suitable for all seasons
Flax fiber is light and breathable, making it popular on hot, humid summer days. Another feature is that it is a natural insulator that allows moisture to pass through easily, so it does not sweat in hot environments and is not cold in cold environments. This makes it suitable for fall and winter.
5. Suitable for all occasions
Modern linen wear offers a variety of cuts and styles suitable for both casual wear and formal events.

— 10 September 2021