The biggest scarecrow of our celebrity is said to be the Fashion Police.These are the people who decide who is dressed and who should radically change the wardrobe. 1 such figure isFashion critic Františkačíčková.She started as a fashion designer and exhibited abroad.Even in tough Paris. Then Mrs. Francis came in for criticism. She drew attention not only to famous people, but also to violations of ordinary human fashion. But most of all, he takes on famous and famous people. He certainly does not hang out with his critics. She is often vicious. She does not hesitate to praise when she really likes clothes.
*Františkačíčková Mrs. Show business people “do not have to” or praise her. [18* There are probably the least people who don\’t care about her opinion.
provázek na noze

I just wonder where the confidence comes from to decide what to wear. We are often not surprised if we see some fashion shows by world-famous designers.
– When I sometimes get lost on such pages, I say to myself with fear in my eyes:“Is this an in?””
– But it also fills me with happiness.
In line with the latest trends,
· wear dresses with feminine motifs
· hide what can be seen
· on the contrary, reveal what should be hidden from the eyes of the public.
figuríny na oblečení
And finally, put your feet on shoes that look like stepladder, wearing a hat in the form of a huge triangle on your head. So is this a trend that attracts crowds? It\’s good that I\’m not a celebrity. I can quietly walk in jeans, it is certainly a lost worldly thing, and quietly add to them a T-shirt that fascinated me with the second hand. Could have been dropped by a celebrity. I just feel “IN” to what I like and what is comfortable with me.That\’s what it should be.

— 28 December 2021