Interior benches often resemble benches found in parks and gardens. Unlike garden benches, however, interior benches are more elaborate and often upholstered. Materials often include the following.
Ø domestic and exotic woods
Ø Metal in various forms .
Ø Natural rattan and wicker

Ø Seats are usually upholstered, but leather is also available
kočka na lavičce

Classic wooden bench
Ø A plain wooden bench without a backrest is the simplest option.
Benches with backrests and armrests are more comfortable.
The back of the benchis usually the most beautiful part of this furniture. The backrest is placed over the slats
of the bench.
Ø vertically
Ø horizontally
Ø horizontally
Full backrest. Often the full backrest has filler in the frame structure. In addition, the top edge often has a decorative shape.
Many interior benches
are often decorated with the following.
Ø Turned

Ø Sculpture
Ø Decorated with paintings

Often practical storage space

is provided under the bench seat.
Wood with hardware
For home interiors, benchescombining wood and metalare best suited. In these interior benches, metal legs are always the most interesting and striking .
Ø Forged in dark paint
Ø shiny chrome plated
lavička v parku

Rattan and wicker [71].
Ø Rattan and wickerinterior benches are exotic, interesting, or even sober. The small upholstered benches sometimes have armrests, but always have no backrests.

Where to put it?

Interior benches stand out when placed, for example, in a hallwayjust outside a door . Here, it is not only a good place to change clothes, but also a place to store bags, scarves, gloves, etc. You can choose between a backrest or no backrest, and wood seems to be the most suitable material.
If you have a veranda or conservatory, a comfortable rattan or wicker bench with both backrest and armrests looks very luxurious. They evoke summer beautifully.

— 3 September 2023