Many businesses, companies, and other institutions are devoted to this evil. Let\’s assume and hopethat all of them, including the police, are on the side of good. Otherwise…
One such company is an American security firm that you may know from other activities. It is a company called Check Point, which publishes an annual report on all cyber threats
. Specifically, it is about the threats it encounters and reports to the company. Check Point has long been outspoken about the fact that anyone can be a hacker. Any kind of software. Like the ones that hack your account.
Útok z počítače
In 2012, a Trojan horse swept through Europe, swindling more than 36 million euros; more than 30,000 people were affected, and by the time they realized the virus, it was too late.
Payment card data was also stolen. Global Payments was the victim: datawas stolenfrom 1.5 million cards.
Počítačový zloděj
Hackers also attacked other institutions, including the Tennessee school system. They stole data for about 100,000 people.
They did not hesitate to attack companieswhere only retirees saved,
but here especially Serco, where later 123,000 people were compromised.
The National Health Service has not escaped attack either. It has been attacked several times and reportedly succeeded in stealing data and information on 1.8 million patients .
Znázornění hackera
The report contains a lot of numbers, but it will not make for interesting reading. Also, everything here is calculated as percentages.
Finally, a clear warning is also issued. Finally, there is a clear warning: people should already be taking the trouble to look for antivirus programs for their cars, refrigerators, and anything that has to do in any way with computers or information technology in general. This is because the age of computer control of everything [31] has already arrived. Humanity is digging its own grave.

— 29 August 2023