Natural stone slabs have many excellent properties. It stores and releases heat well. It is suitable for heating any space. In addition, natural stone heating has low operating and purchase costs and is environmentally friendly.

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The nature of this heating method, like that of stoves, is based on long-term heat decay.

Because the heat is distributed evenly, it can save up to 20% of electricity compared to other hot air heating methods, and up to 40% for direct-fired heaters.

The maximum temperature difference between ceiling and floor is only 3°C.

Another very significant advantage is partial heat storage. This is another saving that is actually free heating, because even if the thermostat in the room is switched off, the stone is still heated by the stored heat, which can bridge, for example, a lower rate switch-off.



Each room heated with natural stone can be programmed with a digital thermostat to a specific temperature during the day and throughout the week. The size of the stones for heating depends on the size of the room to be heated. The size of the stones needed for heating depends on the size of the room to be heated. The manufacturer has a table for the size of stone needed for heating.



Natural stone heating has a positive effect on the human body. It does not dry the air, does not burn oxygen, and maintains a constant indoor humidity level.

This heating method is suitable for allergy sufferers, asthmatics, the elderly and newborns. It is also very effective for maintaining good mental health.

There is very little air circulation when heating.

Heated stones are manufactured without chemicals or adhesives. The refractory clay used to seal the cables is of natural origin. Therefore, the entire heating panel and heating method is environmentally friendly.

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Few heating systems are nearly 100% efficient. Because the cables are pressed against the stone, there is very little loss. As soon as the cables are heated, the heat is transferred to the stone, which in turn transfers the heat to the room.


Natural stone heating is environmentally friendly, noiseless, and very easy to maintain. In addition, it is very interesting and gives an aesthetic impression to the room. It does not require technical maintenance, a regulating technician, or periodic inspections.


— 18 January 2022