Did you know that International Charity Day is celebrated every year on September 5? Why September 5? This date was not chosen at random. The United Nations declared this day as “International Charity Day” and designated it as the anniversary of Mother Teresa\’s death. This unique woman, who sacrificed only to help the poor and needy, needs no introduction.pomoc druhému člověku, nabídka pomoci.jpg
Mother Teresa, by her own nameAgnes Gonche Bojaxhiu, became a symbol of charity. Originally from Albania, she dedicated her life to the salvation of her people. She was known for her hostile attitude toward abortion. A few years after her death, she was beatified, and on September 4, 2016, she was canonized for a miracle that occurred through her intercession. But we leave that to history.bezdomovec, člověk.jpg
What does charity actually mean? Everyone can imagine it in his or her own way. One can always participate in this celebration of charity and be a “good angel” who helps families with children in difficult situations “because” of a serious illness in the family. You can also become a volunteer for various non-profit organizations and help out for free at events held for people who are not as fortunate as you are. For example, the ADRA Foundation has been providing sound assistance for over 25 years and is always looking for volunteers to help people in crisis. And often they don\’t even know how to get there; ADRA is extending a helping hand and you can be one of them. You can donate by text or make a monetary donation. Interestingly, donations can also be tax deductible under certain conditions. But that is probably not the main reason you would want to help.
If you have enough wealth, it seems obligatory to help those who are not so fortunate. Get involved and find ways to help those in need. Visit various charitable institutions and homes for needy mothers and ask what and how you can help.

— 9 March 2022