. The Internet has long been used not only to connect individuals in different parts of the world to each other. Websites have been created for this purpose. Today, one can find statistics and millions of websites. With today\’s tools, their creation is really easy. [Websites come in many types and purposes. You can have a blog to share your inner feelings and experiences, or an advice where different communities share the same problems. Today, websites are also widely used for corporateadvertising.Or they can be used as e-shops where customers can purchase specific products
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without the need for personal contact.
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So how do you set up your own website? If you don\’t care about professionalism, all you need is your own computer. You don\’t even need programming knowledge or deep technical or graphic knowledge. So if you want to start your own blog, you can use tools, e-sites, IC, and others. All of these platforms provide space and automatically create a basic web environment. The
problem with these sites is that they use the free services of certain servers. Of course, the latter do not offer their services for free, so you will be asked to place ads on your site, for example on Seznam, or they will be placed automatically. However,
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if you are going to be at least a little professional, you should first learn the basics of programming languages. Be it basicHTML, C++, or PHP. That way, you can create ad-only sites, unique designs that don\’t use templates, and creative environments.
Once you decide to sell something on the web,you must also consider the issue ofSEO optimization. It may seem difficult at first,but thanks to tools like WordPressyou will find that it is really easy.

— 13 March 2022