Does your apartment or house need to be painted for the first time in a year? Think winter is not the time to paint? You are wrong. The end of winter is the ideal time to paint, and the reason for this is that the winter heat will warm up the walls of your house. So there is no need to worry at all. But even those who want to leave it until summer can read our good advice and tips.
zelený pokoj


Red is a good color in the kitchen, but beware! Red is said to induce hunger and is not a color you want in your kitchen, especially at night. However, placing red in the dining room or living room evokes positive energy in these rooms and is very desirable.

Bedrooms, children\’s rooms

Bedrooms are places to relax, so soothing colors should be chosen. Which is it? That\’s right, green. It is a color that helps you relax and relieves stress. For a child\’s room, a combination of blue, turquoise blue, and a bit of yellow would be perfect. This combination is suitable for every room in a house or apartment. Shades of lilac and lavender also bring a sense of peace and calm.


In the bathroom, a particularly light shade of blue can be very relaxing. Darker blues give a negative impression, while pastel blues are cooler and absorb more natural light.
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Hallways, corridors

Yellow is a very happy choice in these rooms. It is always a sun-like color that greets you, stirs your energy, and makes you feel at home. Although yellow is a very cheerful color, it is not recommended to use it as the main color in a room where you will be staying for long periods of time. Cheerfulness can quickly turn to moodiness and sadness. According to one study, children in yellow rooms are more likely to cry and become moody.

Neutral Colors for Every Room

White, brown, gray, and black work well in any room. They are neutral colors. Depending on the area a neutral color occupies in a particular room, it can soften or saturate the space.
So which color do you choose? Or will you stick with classic white? Either way, it is our sincere hope that you make the right choice and have a beautiful and comfortable home.

— 8 August 2022