Every week we go shopping at grocery chains and end up with more groceries in the back of our carts than the list we made. Sale items, discounted tomatoes, one of which is rotten, yogurt that will expire in two days. Don\’t worry about it, half of it will be thrown away anyway. Shopping to avoid going hungry is slowly becoming a sport. The fights we see on TV over other countries\’ products don\’t seem so crazy to us anymore. That\’s because the hostility during shopping and the morning queues before a new campaign starts are unfortunately slowly breaking out in our country as well. So let\’s take a look together at the most common tricks in the market. It should save you nerves and money!
rozsypané české peníze

First impressions count

You may have noticed that in every store you first encounter vegetables. Vegetables beautifully decorated in a wooden box. What do they remind you of? Health. It\’s definitely the right place to shop!

People who are hungry and in a hurry usually go to the store just to buy a pastry. But the clever shopkeepers don\’t want you to grab a roll and disappear at the cash register. So they place them so that you have to pass in front of shelves lined with other foods, increasing the likelihood that you\’ll toss something into your cart. Like sweet snacks.
supermarket šťávy

Products at eye level

When you are shopping with a shopping cart, you look around but don\’t look up or down that often. Food products, which are often supported by television advertising, are thus placed at eye level. Moreover, they are more expensive than other brands of the same quality.

Packaging looks cheap

You often see vegetables packed in neat little baskets or boxes. It is easier to quickly grab them than to pick them up one by one, but if you look closely, price per kilo comparisons are all over the place compared to bulk sales. The same is true between small and large packages
supermarket zelenina

Why do pallets of merchandise get stuck in the middle of an aisle

Yes, that\’s right, slow down and have time to look around or be in another aisle Because you have to walk angrily through the crowd. You might run into something you don\’t want there, but it sure is convenient!

A play of light and music

Even if it\’s drizzling outside, the world brightens as soon as you enter the hypermarket. Beautifully lit fruits and enchanting music will do wonders for you.

Often you wait five minutes to get to the cash register. While you\’re bored, you look around, and lo and behold, there\’s a chocolate bar on sale. So I pick up two of those.

Don\’t be dominated by sophisticated marketing. Instead of a deep cart that makes you feel like you have nothing in it, take a basket. Make a list of exactly what you really need. Don\’t stop for bargain items or cheap food that will expire in a day. Pick up what you think you really need and make a healthy assessment of what you already have in stock to see if it will actually be consumed.

— 31 July 2022