If you are tired of the one-sided work your boss is constantly ordering you, you are leaving behind overtime that no one pays you, for a lot of work, only a small part of what you would have imagined for your well-done work will land on your account. You can start a business, you can start a business, you can start a business, you can start a business, you can start a business, you can start a business From the beginning, it is important to remember that freelance work is not for everyone. Many start-up entrepreneurs imagine a fat amount of money on account, supercars and luxury vacations under the concept of business. But this is not always the case.
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Before making this decision, it is important to weigh the pros and cons of doing business and, most importantly, have a good, fresh business idea. Entrepreneurship, on the one hand, represents great freedom at work, but also many entrepreneurs within a year of starting their activities drop their rosy glasses Some of the negative factors may be the impossibility of transferring work to colleagues during stress, loneliness and illness. Doing business is something we enjoy, it means working our own way, and I think we have great control. 
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Processing of important procedures

Before starting a business, it is important to find out whether a trade license for a profession is required. Therefore, if you are going to make a living as a musician, tax advisor or specialist, you do not need this permission. It is important to appear in the Trade License Office, where you need to fill out a single registration form.  With this form, you can not only sign up for a business, but also sign up for a road tax or VAT.  You pay an administration fee of 1,000 CZK at the relevant trade license office and take home a trade license that you have the right to do business with.
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It is important to know what else.

· Social insurance and health insurance arrangements, reporting changes to health insurance companies
· Clarify what tax records to keep for your annual tax return.
* Find out if your business is subject to electronic sales records
* You can get your first client with a minimum of funds. For example, you need flyers and targeted advertising on social networks.

— 14 October 2021