Some people are not particular about what they wear, while others are careless in their choice of attire. It is very important to be aware of the social circle you are in and choose your attire accordingly.
barevné košile
Most people are familiar with the hotel situation in, for example, summer, southern Europe, northern Africa, and Asia. It is not only Czech tourists that are popular destinations. There are many foreigners who do not find it strange to visit receptions and restaurants despite the wall-to-wall signs about the appropriatedress code.
The reason I am writing about resort hotels now is that I don\’t believe that people visiting hotels on business would choose these chain restaurants. They are more likely to choose areas that are as close to the center of the city as possible or where they are more likely to travel in general. Such ethically educated people, of course, know not to wear flip-flops to business meetings, but to opt for appropriate half-shoes, or slippers or ballerina shoes if they are women.
Of course, let\’s return to the hotels along the beach, which are used primarily in the summer. You can\’t go wrong if you provide a blouse or shirt and pants that are longer than knee-length. Most of these countries consider dinner an important occasion and have dress codes.
oděv do společnosti
On the other hand, the mentality in southern countries leans toward our central European ones. As long as you don\’t show up in a wet bathing suit or soaking wet dress, you won\’t get any particular attention. However, one should keep in mind that at least knees and shoulders should be covered, especially when visiting important religious sites.
In summary, we can conclude that while basic rules are being followed, certain rules have been established, but they are more favorable to visitors.

— 15 October 2021