Without experience with toddlers, we would be surprised at what they can and are interested in. From the apartment you need to put them in a cabinet, where there is no risk of all dangerous and poisonous plants, or at least a child to get to them. Cables and sockets are also very interesting for children, and young children tend to taste everything and chew everything. The cable should be hidden from the child so that the child is not visible. Just as it is recommended to get a plastic cover for a free drawer, so that the child does not have a desire to put his finger in it.

malý bráškové

Stoves, table drawers, hygiene products

The plastic barrier of the stove prevents the inquisitive child from turning on the stove. The salary cap protects the baby\’s head from the pointed corners of the table. The table and cabinet drawers are also safe and convenient as they attract all the children who are closed to explore. Hygiene products should be kept out of the reach of children, but this also applies to glue, hairspray, perfume, shoe polish and other things that do not belong in the mouth.

After reading the article, many people may be under the impression that a small child is like an unguided bullet. It\’s true, a little toddler just needs to explore the world and we can\’t prevent him from doing so. Our job is to provide him with a safe environment. Over time, the child understands, we explain to him what can and can not do, but with the smallest it is difficult.

Buttons, beads and other trifles at first glance are not dangerous, but for a small child who wants to taste everything, it is advisable to put them within reach Despite all our efforts, the rule applies that we must first protect the small child and make it invisible.
stavění kostek

Watch your fingers.

It is easy to pinch the left finger on the door, but there is a special barrier that prevents the child\’s finger from getting caught on the door.

No entry

Stairs, study is where we need to prevent young children from stepping in. There are barriers available in the market, which are installed on the door, and the child can not even do so. On the other hand, it is not good to close the child somewhere and be in another room, but these restraints should primarily help, for example, to prevent him from falling down the stairs.

— 22 April 2023