You can also exercise effectively, comprehensively and effectively at home. But for the exercise to be effective, certain rules are needed. Let\’s take a look with us at what they are.

1) Set clear Goals

To make the most of your exercise, you need to have clear goals. Are you primarily interested in losing weight, strengthening or gaining physical strength? A well-defined goal will help to motivate and choose the optimal training.

2) Create an exercise plan

Take a diary and write down the days you exercise and how long. Exercise according to your goals. Point 1 For example, combine strength training with body parts and aerobic exercise.


3) Before exercise, warm up

Do not stretch before or after exercise. Stretch the muscles for about 10 minutes. This will prepare them for the load and prevent injuries. Stretching after exercise prevents tension and muscle heat. 


Working out at home can be just as effective as working out at a fitness center if you have the keys and the right exercise tools. And which of them will be?

  • Dumbbells
  • Gymnastics balls
  • Gym Wheels
  • Gym Erasers
  • Kettlebell
  • Jump Rope


There are days when you do not want to, and at home it is much easier to succumb to this mood and stay on the couch. To get up and get into the tempo, actively help yourself and motivate the music.


Tip: If you really don\’t want to, find a partner online and work together.

6) Track Your Progress

Even if you exercise 100% out of the house, there\’s nothing stopping you from tracking your progress. On the contrary, every, even the slightest improvement motivates you to exercise further.

7) Play

Exercise at home is just as challenging as exercise outdoors, and sometimes even more challenging. Do not forget to play. The rest of the day is more than good for your muscles. Enjoy a massage, hot tub or sauna. Also give your body a quality diet with plenty of protein, fruits and vegetables.

— 11 February 2024