Conservatories are usually planted with ornamental species, whether they be climbing plants or those that can be varied in the form of shrubs and small trees. Exotic banana trees, dracaena, ferns, ficus, azaleas, gardenias, bamboo, jasmine, and many other plants are suitable. What species of trees are commonly found in greenhouses?
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Myrtle is a very decorative shrub and can be made into small trees. However, it is mainly suited to the southern Mediterranean type of greenhouse. Several species of myrtle can be purchased very commonly. Their main difference is the number of flowers. In winter, they should be placed in a cool room of 5 to 10 degrees Celsius, but should not freeze. In summer, when they grow and flower, they prefer a sunny spot in a greenhouse. Water regularly, preferably with rainwater. In winter, watering should be reduced. Fertilizer should ideally be applied from late April to mid-September.
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This plant is green all year round and can be planted on walls or where you want to screen a space for privacy. The large red, purple, or white flowers usually grow in pairs or singly and add a pleasant aesthetic. The beauty of the inflorescence is accentuated where there is ample space for passion flowers to dominate the ornamental garden. It prefers cool, partially heated areas of 16 to 20 degrees Celsius in winter and can tolerate direct sunlight in summer, especially midday. Water regularly in summer, but be careful not to overwater. Water occasionally during hot summer months to increase humidity in the garden.
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Lemon, tangerine, and orange trees are an essential part of any greenhouse . They create a strikingly typical atmosphere that mimics a Mediterranean environment, especially if it is a glass-walled garden with wicker furniture. Striking white citrus flowers are complemented by yellow and orange fruits. These plants should be watered generously from spring through fall and withheld in winter. They do not like strong sunlight, but they also do not like shade. On hot summer days, exposing the foliage to increase humidity may help.

— 19 January 2023