Put light into your home.Light is very important to our lives. It is a source of warmth and good mood. In the winter months, the sun shines less, the morning becomes late, and the afternoon becomes early and dark. That is why many people suffer from depression and bad mood in the winter. This clearly shows that we need light for life. By illuminating our apartment, we will have a better inner feeling, and thanks to this, we will have a much better feeling in our home.


Choose a warm color.Warm colors have an invigorating effect, creating a sense of relaxation and harmony. Yellow is a symbol of the sun, it looks cheerful and open. Orange is a symbol of warmth, gold and evokes a sense of joy. The green color is calm, friendly, gives a sense of security and hope. The red color is strong, sublime, a symbol of energy, confidence and love. The color of apricots revives and keeps our vital energy. Combining the right colors will make our house cozy and cozy.

If you have chaotic furniture around you, it also shows the chaos of your life. It is important to organize around us in a systematic way so that we can simplify our lives as much as possible and get an overview. Arrange your furniture so that there is as much space as possible around you. Your apartment will have a much more airy impression and you will definitely feel better at it.

Remove excess garbage.This point is closely related to the previous point. Remove all unnecessary things, remove dust traps, go through closets and clothes that have not been worn for more than 1 year, throw them away or put them for a good purpose. You will not only have order around you, but also feel good about yourself. People who are cluttered become more anxious, and there is beauty in simplicity.


zītulntete apartment something you love. There are people who like candles, people who like porcelain animals, people who like pillows and pictures. Put in your apartment something that will please you, something that will make your day more enjoyable. But be careful, do not overdo it, so that you simply step back and have an apartment full of junk again it just takes a little taste and decency. You know what works best for you and what makes you feel better. And if you are greeted by a photo with a kind memory when you come home, you will surely smile at it and your mood will improve.

— 24 April 2024