According to studies, almost one in two households in the Czech Republic has a household budget problem. So don\’t be ashamed if you don\’t know how to manage your budget and your money is flying in all directions without ever saving. Keeping track of all your expenses, income, and savings is an easy way to do this. That way, you can easily keep track of everything, what you saved and what you invested. To make it even easier to keep track, try a specialized program that conveniently keeps track of everything.
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AceMoney – A handy program to keep an eye on your personal finances. You can keep track of your budget in several currencies, transfers between accounts, or total expenses. You can also set up a checkbook or online banking. In addition, it is very clear and simple to use. Sensitive data is password protected.

Smoneybox.czThis family budgeting program is one of the best rated programs for this purpose. You can easily filter your income and expenses and create graphs to keep track of your household finances. If you forget to record data, you will be automatically notified. Last but not least, there is also an iPhone application.

Debtor is a great app for any common expense. Whether you are roommates or friends, you will always know exactly who owes how much to whom. With it, you can plan leisure activities that require financial commitment and avoid unpleasant arguments. Plus, you can share your data with others, suitable for both Android and Apple.
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Housekeeping –As the name suggests, you can use this program not only to keep track of your income and expenses. The advantage is that you can record your water, electricity, and gas usage. This way, the program can help you find savings. Other features available include a summary of bank accounts and savings, a driving log, and a contact list. The program is also very well designed; the 30-day trial version is free, after which an electronic license is charged CZK 500.

— 31 March 2023