When you begin this sport, you are required to be in excellent condition, which no one can do overnight. At the same time, it is also about understanding the big animal that can always do what it wants to do, as well as having the right attitude. This sport requires patience, strength, and balance.

kůň skáče přes překážku

Disciplines of Horseback Riding

Simply put, there is a distinction between “English” and “Western” riding. These two styles have different ways of moving and handling horses and use different equipment. The main disciplines are parkour (park jumping), eventing, dressage, varsity, reining, jumping, trotting, and endurance. Let me describe some of them!

westernové ježdění

Parkour – a rider and his horse try to overcome every obstacle as quickly and perfectly as possible: dressage, cross-country, steeplechase

Reining – described as dressage in western movies

Jumping – on a horse without a saddle gymnastics

kůň s jezdcem

What about dressage equipment?

One thing you must never forget when diving into the world of horseback riding is your helmet. It is an absolute necessity that no one can just wave their hand at. The head needs to be protected and falls are not only possible the first time around, so it is unwise to neglect this basic and essential piece of equipment.

Good quality riding pants (known as tights) and boots will also undoubtedly help. Higher boots with a light heel are better to prevent your feet from slipping into the stirrups or riding percs. Spine protectors and gloves that make it easier to grip the reins would also be a good idea!

After reading this article, have you decided to try horseback riding after all? Please visit a horse riding school near you. It will surely be one of the most unforgettable experiences you will ever have, and you might even fall in love with horseback riding so much that you might even dive into this world yourself.

— 22 October 2022