There are many myths and half truths about the Internet. Sometimes they are completely manufactured, and other times there is only a grain of truth in them. 1. One of them is the Dark web or Darknet. Everyone will have heard this term before, but most of us do not know exactly what to imagine under it. Sure, we know that it is associated with danger and illegal activity, but how is it really?

1. One of the main tasks of the Internet is the sharing and transmission of information. After all, it was for this reason that he was first invented. True, its use has expanded considerably over the years, but this is still its main task. And this is used not only by decent people, but also by people who do not have the best intentions.

získat přístup na dark web není snadné

Of course, it is clear that illegal activities on the Internet are strictly monitored and often prohibited. This basically means that similar posts will be removed and in some cases their authors will be subject to criminal prosecution. Therefore, it is understandable that this is not so simple. But what if in the end it is necessary to talk about illegal actions?

In this case, we probably set up our own website – there\’s nothing illegal about it, and natural or legal persons doing it doesn\’t mean we can post anything on it just because we have our own website. Again, we must follow the law.

na dark webu se konají i obchodní transakce

Therefore, it is not surprising that in this case all kinds of security systems are used, and not everyone can access them. Ideally, it should also be hidden from state institutions, such as the police. This, of course, did not bother only one person, but many more. Therefore, a network of such secure websites was also created, which is commonly called the Dark web and is not accessible in the usual way.

This is not to say that the police do not know about them, but with their help you can more easily monitor various illegal activities. That\’s why he keeps them running.

— 27 September 2021