If a person has a mental disorder, they are at a disadvantage in most areas of their life. It is more difficult for him to learn, to find employment in the labor market, or not to depend on his surroundings. People with intellectual disabilities have the right to live independently.

skupinová práce

In this matter, assisted employment or so-called protected places help, which is often mentioned under the term labor rehabilitation. Mentally and physically disabled people have the opportunity to enter the labor market and gain greater control over their lives and greater economic independence. Equally important is the acquisition of new experiences and practical skills and their repeated practice, which allows people with disabilities to feel the value of their work and application.
invalidní vozík

The state contributes to the establishment of supported employment and protected places for employers. Thanks to it, many companies offer disabled people a working environment capable of approach individuality and space for self-realization. People with disabilities often do not mind doing the same job. So you can find them in different places: the support staff of hotels and cafes, workshops of various ceramics and jewelry, as well as the operation of confectionery and bakeries.

Unfortunately, some employers of state aid can exploit and disguise protected workshops. But how to verify such claims? There is a register of all employers whose staff consists of people with disabilities of more than 50%. Therefore, if you buy a product that you want to support a supported employment, first look for this register on the Internet, and by obtaining a job where the affiliate is actually registered and meets the requirements

, people with disabilities gain social status and are considered equal by the majority of society. All this helps them to live a more normal life.


— 20 March 2024