Obesity is a serious disease that affects almost half of the human population. If you want to know if you are also obese, calculate your BMI. This will calculate your ideal weight. It will then tell you if you are in the normal range. Women are more susceptible to obesity than men. Pregnancy is probably one of the reasons for this. Every woman gains weight during that period and after delivery it becomes very difficult to get rid of it. Obesity is caused partly by genetics, but mainly by diet and lifestyle. We eat what we eat. If we do not play sports and are not physically active, it is obvious that we will be affected by obesity.


Daily consumption should not exceed daily intake. This is a basic rule of thumb. Do not drink carbonated sweet sodas. This is perhaps the biggest violation of this rule. In the past few years, stores have been stocked with tons of sugary and salty snacks. Various sodas and energy drinks are harmful to health, especially for children, and contribute to obesity and diabetes. The big draw of these snacks is the price. Fresh foods from local farmers and organic growers are many times more expensive. Moreover, they are not often found in supermarkets. And they are very healthy.

fast food

Fast food chains, on the other hand, are everywhere, cheap, and available to everyone. But don\’t look for satisfying nutrients there. People drive a lot, and at work most people sit in their offices at their computers. This is often seen in children. Children have cell phones in their hands from an early age. They watch cartoons and the older kids spend a lot of time at the computer. How many of them go out running or playing soccer with friends? Obese people tend to consume more during times of stress and mental discomfort. As a result, they overeat. Or eat problems. With lack of exercise and overeating, a variety of health problems eventually join the ranks of obesity. Most common are poor physical health, back pain, poor posture, increased stress on joints, and increased fatigue. Eat moderately and play sports. You will live a happier, longer life if you do.

— 20 July 2022