Apple has introduced a lot of new hardware and software this fall. They\’ve had quite a bit of success, especially in the area of operating systems, and Catalina is about to integrate more with your iPad and iPhone, which will make your job a little easier and more fun. Because everything is connected.
Mac na stole

Goodbye, iTunes! However, no content is lost from iTunes, and everything is organized between the three apps. The most interesting of these (for computers) is the new Apple TV. This app allows users to watch videos offline and in a new format, and Apple promises that Apple TV+ will be rolling out soon as well. Listening to podcasts, which are all the rage right now, also looks good in Apple\’s environment. It has its own separate app, as well as the ability to skip podcasts you are listening to across devices. What more could one want?

A tidy Apple Player

A series of changes to the organization and efficiency tools also look promising. Perhaps the biggest quake was experienced by Notes and Reminders. The former may surprise you with its visuals. Indeed, it now offers a checklist feature that allows users to rank completed tasks and nimbly change the order between items. Reminders, which for many users is just a similar organizational tool, has undergone a serious makeover. The app can add attachments to written items, mention other users, and automatically sort items by due date.
The web browser Safari has also evolved, offering a third section of a menu of websites suggested by Siri herself according to your preferences, in addition to a menu of frequently visited websites (as other browsers have known for some time). Interesting feature!
Chytrá zařízení - animované

And the best part of all?

The proverbial icing on the cake is perhaps the iPad screen enhancements. On a tablet you can draw sketches, but on a Mac you can attach sketches to things like reminders.
There are others, of course, and you can find them on Apple\’s official website. There seem to be more than enough options, so all that remains is to make full use of these.

— 15 June 2022