Do you really think information technology is good for us? I tell myself that if I were to go to another school, I would definitely go into computer science. Because I am really interested in information technology. I also remember a time when I didn\’t have a computer at all, for example, which was a real shame because everyone around me had computers. So it was always reasonable to have fun. But I also hung out with my best friends a lot, went to aerobics clubs with my friends, and went to swimming clubs. But as time went on and all the kids around me had computers and cell phones, I became homesick. Why am I the only one without a computer? So I wanted to study computer science and information technology. But I couldn\’t because my parents didn\’t want me to do that.

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My parents just wanted me to go to high school and then go to medical school somewhere and get a medical degree. But I wasn\’t interested in the medical field at all, I was interested in information technology. I was interested in information technology, and I knew that information technology could benefit us and make people\’s lives more convenient.

[25] [26] [27] [28] [29] [30] [31] medical devices, but also that it has improved computers and cell phones. And when I took the time to tell my father and mother everything, they changed their minds. But I was already a sophomore in high school, so I thought that my parents had finally allowed me to go to some economics department and then study information technology. But you have to work very hard to get in.

— 13 February 2023