Australia has been burned to the ground, over 500 million animals have died, glaciers are melting, rainforests are dying, and the world is being shocked by other natural disasters (floods, droughts, earthquakes). It is the result of years of neglect by big business, unregulated food and drink production, and mass production of plastics and other non-biodegradable materials. Joaquin Phoenix is one of the few stars trying to change this situation.
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Earlier this year, PETA named this talented actor its 2019 Person of the Year and showcased his environmental work. Today, a larger audience has the opportunity to learn more about the environmental side of the Joker. Phoenix, who was honored for his leading role during the Golden Globes, appeared in a black tuxedo that will accompany him throughout the year. The dress and pants were designed by Stella McCartney. The designer has been environmentally conscious from the beginning, using eco-leather products and fine materials that do not harm the climate, and demanding a meat-free and more environmentally friendly lifestyle.
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“The Joker” relies on one outfit for every event

The actor told reporters shortly after winning a Golden Globe for “The Joker” that most of them use fast fashion and He reminded them how harmful the overproduction of clothing is. He announced that he would curb overproduction, promote the idea of sustainable fashion, and set a good example for others by appearing in the same tuxedo at all events throughout the season.
Joaquin Phoenix has been a vegan since the age of three and has always supported charities working for animal rights; in 2019 he joined PETA\’s animal campaign under the slogan “We are all animals.” He also produced a documentary, “The Animal People,”
which shows how companies test their animal products. You will see Phoenix at many events. In other words, the same Stella McCartney-branded tuxedo at every event will be a proof and example of environmental support. This is a very important move. What actress would choose to appear twice on the red carpet wearing the same dress?

— 8 December 2021