Unfortunately, natural science is often dismissed by children as complicated and boring. The main reason for this is the way it is taught in schools. The endless chemical equations and physical formulas for calculating various quantities are simply boring.

What is not boring, however, is the experiment itself and the proof of how it works. You just have to be a little brave and prepare something really interesting that will get the kids excited. Of course, this does not mean setting fire to the school laboratory and calling for evacuation. Rather, it is about providing children with the opportunity to try out safe experiments for themselves. The more familiar they can be with the experiment, the more interesting it will be for them.

Vědecká laboratoř

Why is it important to get children interested in science in the first place? Science and people\’s interest in science have been advancing humanity and improving our quality of life for thousands of years. No matter how well-meaning schools may be, we cannot expect future generations to become enthusiastic scientists today when science is presented as too complicated, theoretical, and boring. Rather, they will want to do something fun, or at least financially rewarding.

Pokus v petriho misce

Fortunately, a growing number of organizations are promoting science and putting on fun physics and chemistry shows in schools. These organizations show that science can really be fun, even at the elementary school level. Fun IQ parks and other hands-on exhibits that parents and children can visit are also a great source of inspiration. Touching and trying everything, asking how it works, and seeing the laws of physics and chemistry in action will get any child\’s heart racing.

It is the role of parents as well as teachers to show children the diversity of the world. It is to teach them that science can be fun and interesting and how science can make our lives easier. Certainly the world needs philosophers and writers, too, and they can make our lives more beautiful and richer. But scientists, scientists who can help us to really change and improve our world.

— 9 November 2022