Nowadays, every cell phone owner has the Internet, and buying things through this medium is very easy and above all, affordable. There are no connection fees. All you have to do is be in a place where there is an unencrypted Wi-Fi signal. With the press of two buttons, you can easily connect to a global network,where you can easily choose the stores you want to shop at. But is this really the most convenient way to shop, and is it the only way to get all of your necessities? No, it is not. Traditional stores also have great advantages.
Platba kartou
The biggest advantage of online shopping is definitely the time savings and convenience. Whereas you would have to visit a regular store, find the product you need, put it in your cart, and wait in line to pay, you can get there very quickly in a convenient e-shop. You can instantly select what you want and order it with just a few mouse clicks. It\’s fast, clean, and hassle-free. No need to worry about catching a cold or blowing your nose outside. Plus, e-stores often have substantial discounts, and you can find items that you wouldn\’t normally find at your local store.
Nakupování přes internet
Online shopping sounds like the perfect idyll, but it is not so simple. Not all e-shops are solid enough, and often offer products in stock that are actually not in stock at all, so expect to wait two weeks or even months instead of two or three days. As for super prices, they are not so glorious either. Sure, even online stores ride the wave of discounting, especially before the holiday season, but just because there are significant discounts doesn\’t necessarily mean everything will go well. If you come across a store with a suspiciously low price, it is best to avoid it. It could be a scam, and the low prices are just a decoy to lure naive customers.

— 1 September 2021