From an early age we learn that the earth is a sphere that is somewhat flattened at the poles. This is the generally accepted model and is no longer in doubt. However, there are those who question this fact. They

believe that the earth is flat or even that space does not exist. Stars and planets are merely lights floating on its vault. After all, when we look at the horizon, we do not see curvature.

pohled na Zemi z vesmíru

But this is not as strong evidence as some people think. What the majority of these people do not understand is the fact of how large our planet is compared to ours. So it is no wonder that from this height we appear to be moving on a flat surface.

They present another problem: the fact that water always sinks on a plane. So if we live on a sphere, why is all water not in the southern hemisphere? And why does the water not flow down? What keeps the water there?

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The answer is gravity. This is because water does not collect “downwards” as it is called, but around the center of gravity. In our case, this is the Earth\’s core. That is where we are drawn to, and that is where we are headed. Ultimately, the same principle is what keeps us from flying out into space.

Another very common argument is that we do not feel pressure even though we are moving at high speed around the sun and its axis of rotation. This is the same principle that makes it easy to stand up in a fast-moving car or airplane, for example: if we are moving at a constant speed, we do not feel motion.

All of the above shows that the evidence presented by flat earth sphere theorists does not hold up when faced with reality. If you doubt the shape of the earth, it is much better to check everything from official sources or do your own experiments. I am sure you will not be wrong.

— 10 August 2023